NOV, 2023

Emerging Destinations: Bocas del Toro

Discover the beauty of Bocas del Toro, one of Panama's hidden gems. 

From its pristine beaches to its vibrant culture, this destination is a must-visit for any traveler looking for a unique experience. 

Our Handpicked Experiences: Guanacaste

Explore the luxurious Papagayo Peninsula and beyond and indulge in some of the most exclusive experiences that the region has to offer. 

From exclusive experiences in private haciendas to remote and pristine waterfalls, we have curated the ultimate Papagayo experience just for you.  

News from our Suppliers

Stay up to date with some of our most popular properties in Costa Rica. From the luxurious Nayara Tented Camp to the eco-friendly Nayara Gardens, we have something for everyone. 

Plus, learn about the latest updates at Four Seasons Papagayo, and the new Sansa flight to Bocas del Toro.

Los Sueños Marriott & Golf Resort for MICE

Looking for the perfect venue for your next corporate event? Look no further than Los Sueños Marriott Ocean and Resort. With state-of-the-art facilities and breathtaking views, this resort is sure to impress. 

OCT, 2023

Costa Rica Top Barefoot Luxury Surf Destinations

Surfers and ocean lovers must check out our guide to the best surf spots in Costa Rica. 

We recommend nearby luxury hotels so your clients can stay close to the action and relax in comfort after an epic day riding the waves.

Emerging Destinations in Costa Rica

The diverse southern Pacific region is one of the most promising emerging destinations in Costa Rica. 

From the Osa Peninsula to Golfito, remote natural wonders and small communities offer immersive rainforest and beach escapes. 

News from our suppliers: Los Altos Resort

Los Altos Resort is gearing up for the high season with renovations and enhancements. 

Read all about their plans for new amenities and improved facilities to continue providing a premier beach vacation experience. 

MICE Destination: The Westin Reserva Conchal

For groups looking for a world-class venue, we spotlight the Westin Reserva Conchal as an ideal MICE destination. With abundant meeting facilities and a gorgeous setting, it's a top choice for corporate retreats and incentives.

SEP, 2023

Empowering Sustainable Partnerships

We're committed to responsible tourism and sustainable partnerships. We believe in preserving our planet while offering unforgettable experiences. That's why we've joined forces with suppliers like Böena who share our vision for a greener future. 

Böena is dedicated to minimizing the impact of human activities on our beloved Mother Earth. Together, we're striving to create travel experiences that leave a positive mark on the world. 

Coastal Elegance Expedition: Kontiki

Embark on an extraordinary marine and rainforest adventure with the Kontiki Yacht. This one-of-a-kind experience takes you from the pristine waters of Golfo Dulce to the world-class Marina Los Sueños. 

Along the way, you'll witness the breathtaking beauty of Costa Rica's marine life and lush rainforests. It's an adventure that promises memories of a lifetime, and we're thrilled to offer it as part of our repertoire.

Seasonal Highlights from our suppliers 

As the seasons change, so do the opportunities for unforgettable getaways.

Hacienda Altagracia and Koora are two exquisite properties that we're excited to feature in this newsletter. 

Both are luxurious retreats in the mountains that offer unique experiences catering to every traveler's desires.

The Ultimate MICE Destination

Picture this: a destination where business meets luxury and the lush surroundings of Costa Rica inspire creativity and collaboration. 

For any MICE event, this exquisite resort offers an unparalleled experience. With state-of-the-art facilities, breathtaking ocean views, and the expert Terranova MICE team, JW Marriott Costa Rica ensures your business gatherings are nothing short of exceptional. 

ago, 2023

Set Sail on a Captivating Whale Watching Adventure in Costa Rica 

Costa Rica's whale watching season is now in full swing, offering a unique opportunity to witness these majestic creatures up close. Discover the thrill of spotting Humpback Whales and other marine wonders as they grace our Pacific shores. Delve into the details of this awe-inspiring adventure by reading our article 

Embrace the Enchantment of the Green Season

Dive into the beauty of Costa Rica's Green Season, a time when nature thrives and landscapes burst to life with vibrant hues. Uncover the allure of traveling during this period and gain insights into what to expect during your clients' journeys. Explore more about this enchanting season.

Exciting Updates from Our Esteemed Suppliers 

We are thrilled to share the latest news from some of our esteemed partners. Immerse yourself in the idyllic paradise of Aguas Claras in the South Caribbean, indulge in luxury at Los Altos in Manuel Antonio, and discover the captivating beauty of Peninsula Papagayo in Guanacaste. Dive into the details of these exceptional destinations in our supplier news article.

Elevate Corporate Gatherings with El Mangroove

For those seeking the perfect setting for MICE events, El Mangroove stands as an exceptional choice. Discover the unique blend of luxury and natural beauty that makes El Mangroove an ideal option for hosting successful business gatherings. Learn more about this impressive venue.

JUL, 2023

Romantic Escapades: Love and Luxury in Costa Rica 

With its breathtaking landscapes, vibrant culture, and unparalleled luxury, it captivates the hearts of discerning travelers. Pristine beaches beckon lovers to stroll hand in hand, while lush rainforests offer intimate moments amidst hidden waterfalls and secluded hot springs.

Terranova Costa Rica DMC caters to the most exclusive romantic dreams, providing luxurious accommodations that surpass expectations. Adventure awaits with exhilarating zip-lining through the rainforest and exploring vibrant marine life while scuba diving. 

Introducing Habitas Santa Teresa: A Beachfront Haven

Habitas embraces the concept of bare feet luxury, inviting guests to let go of the constraints of conventional luxury and immerse themselves in the simplicity and beauty of their surroundings.

With Habitas, we can ensure that your journey is one of unparalleled comfort, sustainable luxury, and a true appreciation for the natural wonders of Santa Teresa.

Terranova Costa Rica DMC believes that travel is about creating lasting memories and forging connections with the destinations we visit.

Scouting Stories: Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna Region 

With over twenty years of experience as a travel designer, I have discovered that one of the most incredible aspects of this profession is how it pushes us beyond our comfort zones to explore and recommend beautiful destinations and experiences to our passengers.

What makes these tours particularly special is that they are still relatively unknown, resulting in low crowds and visitation—an ideal scenario. To effectively sell and promote them, it's important for us to experience these tours ourselves since they offer visually and sensorially captivating experiences.

Trio: A Culinary Delight in Tamarindo Beach

From its exquisite dishes to its stunning event spaces, Trio embodies the perfect fusion of flavors, aesthetics, and ambiance.

Trio not only excels in its culinary offerings but also provides a range of versatile event spaces that cater to various occasions.

From intimate gatherings to large-scale celebrations, the venue offers a seamless blend of rustic charm and contemporary elegance.

JUN, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Papagayo 

The Gulf of Papagayo is a beautiful destination located on the north Pacific coast of Costa Rica. It is one of the country's most upscale destinations, attracting visitors from all over the world who seek luxurious accommodations and high-end experiences in a beautiful natural setting. 

Our ultimate guide is here to provide you with everything you need to know about this awe-inspiring region. From the finest hotels and exhilarating activities to a glimpse into the geography that makes Papagayo so remarkable, this comprehensive guide will assist you in planning an unforgettable adventure. 

Unveiling An Oasis of Luxury 

We invite you to discover an upscale residence nestled in the heart of the mesmerizing Papagayo Gulf.

This Private Residence stands as a true architectural marvel, captivating guests with its exceptional design and attention to detail. Every aspect of the residence's architecture showcases a perfect fusion of form and function.

Prepare to be captivated by its stunning beauty and impeccable hospitality. Boasting the utmost luxury and top-notch amenities, this private residence promises an unforgettable stay. 

We are Virtuoso Preferred

Elevating Excellence. We are proud to announce that Terranova Costa Rica DMC has become part of the prestigious Virtuoso network. 

This recognition is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our dedication to providing exceptional travel experiences. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our clients and travel partners for their continued trust and support. 

We strive to exceed expectations and create journeys that are tailored to each individual's desires and preferences.

Product Scouting Story: Terranova Team

Welcome to the captivating world of Terranova Costa Rica DMC' Product Scouting Stories!

In this edition, we bring you one remarkable tales from our very own adventurer, Ebony Henry, who ventured into uncharted territories on behalf of our esteemed inbound department.

Ebony's quest led her to the breathtaking Pure Trek Canyoning, where she embraced the exhilarating blend of freedom and natural beauty.

Join us as we unveil these captivating narratives, embodying Terranova's expertise in curating unforgettable travel experiences.

An Idyllic Venue for Groups and Incentives

Introducing La Chimba, a hidden gem that serves as the ideal venue close to the Central Valley for events, groups, and corporate vacations or meetings. 

Whether you're planning a memorable celebration or seeking a productive setting for your team, La Chimba offers an enchanting ambiance, exceptional facilities, and attentive service to make your occasion truly extraordinary. 

MAY, 2023

The North Caribbean Side of Costa Rica: TORTUGUERO 

The Caribbean side of Costa Rica is a beautiful region that is generally less developed and less touristy than the Pacific.

It's only accessible by boat or aircraft, which speaks volumes about this natural paradise's uniqueness.

One of the highlights of Tortuguero National Park is its intricate network of canals, which wind their way through the dense jungle and provide visitors with a unique perspective on the park's stunning flora and fauna...

Best Activities in Tortuguero 

The activities in Tortuguero relate mainly to the surrounding nature with abundant wildlife sightings, and breathtaking jungle landscapes. So, activities are mostly about how you like to explore this impressive jungle.

The north caribbean side of Costa rica is beautiful and quite exotic, with frequent wildlife sightings and gorgeous landscapes if you are a nature lover, a photographer or a birdwatcher it's a must! But there are many more activities to enjoy that may well be the highlight of your trip! 

Turtle Watching in Tortuguero

The turtle nesting season in Tortuguero happens every year from July to September. During this time, thousands of green sea turtles make their way to the beaches of Tortuguero to lay their eggs. It's a spectacular sight to see these massive turtles emerge from the water and make their way up the beach under the moonlight.

Visitors to Tortuguero during this time have the opportunity to witness this incredible natural event and learn about the biology and conservation efforts. It's a truly unforgettable experience and one that should not be missed!

Best Accommodations in Tortuguero

On nature-oriented Costa Rica itineraries, you will probably always see Tortuguero as the first place to go. When you see the Tortuguero National Park rainforest for the first time, it takes your breath away. The view of its infinite sky and the magnificence of its wilderness is a scenario that you will not easily forget.

As a travel agency, we at Terranova Travel Design are always looking for the best destinations to recommend to our clients. The Tortuga Lodge and Gardens in Costa Rica is a perfect example of a destination that guarantees an unforgettable experience for eco-adventure seekers...

Seasonal Specials

At Terranova Travel Design, we take pride in offering our clients, the travel agents, the best deals and experiences that Costa Rica has to offer. We are excited to introduce two of our latest offers:

  • Origins Lodge in the North of Costa Rica. The lodge offers a unique experience with its luxurious accommodations, breathtaking views, and exciting activities. Your clients can enjoy hiking, bird watching, or simply relax in the beautiful surroundings. 
  • Ocotea Boutique Hotel in Monteverde. The hotel offers a unique experience with its beautiful rooms, and personalized service. Your clients can enjoy hiking in the cloud forest or zip-lining...

APRIL, 2023

A Guide to Planning a Family Vacation to 
Costa Rica

When planning a family vacation to Costa Rica, it's important to consider the age restrictions for certain activities and attractions. While Costa Rica offers an incredible array of adventures and experiences, some activities may not be suitable for all ages.

This is one of the areas where a Terranova Travel Designer makes a difference...

What to include in your Costa Rica family vacation itinerary?  

A perfect Costa Rica family vacation itinerary includes leisure, adventure, learning experiences, and a lot of nature. Because, as we all know by now, this country is like a huge amusement park in the middle of one of the most sophisticated life systems on the planet.

In this post we aim to tell you a bit of what you may need for the perfect Costa Rica Family Vacation...

Things to know about a Costa Rica Family Vacation

Is there anywhere better to do that than Costa Rica? It is a place where the entire family reconnects with its roots and simply enjoys the joy of being alive, carefree, and easygoing amid an exuberant nature that says "Yes!" to everything!

The first question, as always, is whether you are planning this on your own or through a travel agency...

Best Family Activities for families in Costa Rica

Costa Rica boasts incredible natural wonders and thrilling adventures that are sure to please everyone in the family, from young children to grandparents.

Whether you want to relax on a beautiful beach, explore a rainforest, or go on an exciting wildlife safari, Costa Rica has something for everyone. Here we'll explore the best activities for all ages that will make your family vacation in Costa Rica unforgettable...

Exciting News and Deals to share with you

  • W Costa Rica has opened a new residence with luxurious amenities and a prime location that's sure to impress your clients...
  • Casa Chameleon at Las Catalinas is expanding to make it even better...
  • El Mangroove, Autograph Collection is offering a fantastic deal for the coming green season in Costa Rica...
  • Amor Arenal Hotel is offering a great deal for travelers looking to experience the natural beauty of Costa Rica...

MARCH, 2023

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